Last Night Was Rocking (Today Vs. Tomorrow)

Wow guys last night was something else shit i just woke up its about 3:30 haha still high from partying all night in this salsa disco wow these ppl could dance.

couple of drinks and some dancing lessons of basics and woosh, i danced like shit i admit it loool but who cares no 1 looks at you anyways and u can dance with anyone u want the funny thing is i danced salsa, well if it weren't for those couple of drinks i had i would have done it loool

weird thing i never thought of having this much fun in Romania well i missed a lot b4 but now i get full credit I'll post some photos as soon as i get back to Jordan the best thing here is u go with somebody to a party and end up with another hahaha woke up today and didn't know where i was until my phone rang hehe got into my car and went home wow this is life which reminds me of the dull life in Jordan well its not bad but we were killing our lives with stupid things.

maybe what i wrote above is total bullshit but think about it why tie our lives this the moral i got i used to be so hooked up in tomorrow that i forgot to live today so guys Live today but don't forget tomorrow i gave this some thought some of us live today and forget tomorrow and the other live for tomorrow and forget living today the best is to live today and give tomorrow some thought.

if u live today only tomorrow will be against u coz u didn't prepare for it and if u live planning for tomorrow today will become dull and u'll be like boring old men, but if u live today and give tomorrow a thought so that living today wont destroy tomorrow for you :)

well hope i haven't been long on ya just liked to share an experience :D


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