Helping Others

well this is the story of my life to help other people achieve what they think is unachievable by talking to them and convincing them of the new path or the forgotten path that they maybe able to chose.

life is a risk why not risk it never regret and always hope for the better, i like to see smiles on peoples faces even if it means pain in my heart, i'm used to pain its my friend through out my life well not all my life lived wonderful days but none the less they ended :)

so i'm back to that place of darkness of lost hope and shattered dreams and hearts of stone that carries no feelings trying to save as many souls as i can.

sometimes i intervene in many ways sometimes unapproved by the people i do it for them mostly people come back after some time months years and tell me thank you for doing this, mostly after hating me and cursing me.

i never care i have pain to last millions lifetimes whats another pint of pain for the purpose of giving hope and smile to another person to give him a new hope in life.

i like seeing smiles on others faces because mine rarely comes and it once came for a long time but not anymore so why not see others smile there is nothing worth it to live in agony and pain there is another path.

rule number one when helping others is Don't Expect them to thank you expect them to curse you

rule number two Don't help people if you expect personal gain out of it cause its good if you get gratitude

rule number three sometimes helping others requires sacrifices from you so if you think you wont do it don't bother helping the first place

rule number four Helping others is not conditioned with friends nor loved ones its for everyone

rule number five When helping others secrets pass to you so you should be up to it and keep the secret till the day of your death and never use it against anyone

well these are the golden rules to help others tell them about what they are missing, and in love tell them about the sweet memories that passed about the heart that still beats their name, and in life tell them about the great things they have their family and the people they care about there is always a way to repair broken things there is nothing as its too late and nothing as it wont work there is always hope :)


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