Forgive and Forget

Forgive who hurt you and forget coz the pain will not go away no matter what you do.

its the same the wound wont heal because the cut is too deep all u can do is forgive the one who made it and ask God to forgive him :) don't do it because u'll think they are going to care just do it coz its right coz they wont care :) how could anyone whose done this care.

Think of it like this i too don't give a shit but i want to sleep with clear conscious and guilt free, because i really don't give a damn if they care or no all i know is now i'm free and that i didn't do anything to deserve this so my heart is light and my spirit is free and i sleep tight at night no worries and no guilt :D

this is me i can't hate, all i can do is just suck in the pain and forgive and move on with no hard feelings no matter how much the bleeding continues and how much the pain magnifies coz there is no pain as the pain of betrayal.

I'll never forget what was don to me of betrayal thats for sure :)

2ala ysme7ek w yewafgek w ye7miki :) bye


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