Entering The Dark Place (My Life In Brief) Vol. 2

i left u in Vol. 1 in the time i left to eygpt to study, i went there to be free and because i had a friend who was studying there and to me he was a still is my brother and a part of my family.

when i went there the darkened spot was becoming grayer because a new hope shone from amid that darkness, from here on my life becomes one big dark place of pain and suffering and agony.

At first it was fun being alone and away then loneliness started crawling like the cold over a dieing body till it became unbearable, at first it was nice coz everyone was still calling me to check and so after a little while it stopped, and coz i was new there i knew no one, after that shit started to pile up loneliness, jin in our house, earth quacks all kinds of shit.

so i came back once in a visit to jordan and meet a girl in my friends graduation i digged her to say the truth my friend introduced me and i started talking with here, tawjihi marks came out when i was in eygpt and she was crying and stood beside her, after that my family wanted me to return to amman as things weren't stable in eygpt drugs at the uni, fights everywhere lots of shit.

so i came back registered at the JU and was with this girl for a while about 7 months lots of good memories in them, in this phase i was in the twilight zone in the dark place u know the fake sparks of happiness, well after a while of good memories we break up without a why did it happen? i found out after a few days when a guy called me and told me to stop talking to her because she is with him now , ofcourse i didn't know this because she was calling me and never mentioned it, so i called her and told her that u stabbed me in the back and betrayed me and for this someday i'll take my revenge.

To Be Continued in Vol. 3


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