The Dark Place (My Life In Brief) Vol. 3

so i left you at what i said in the last call.

Now in the following days i started to break down, the darkness overflowed me and the pain was so great because there is nothing like the pain of betrayal and lying.

After a while i became accustomed to the darkness and started seeing people in it wondering like the walking dead, i looked at my body it was white as if dead i started to wonder what happened, whats this liquid covering me up, and i touched it and smelled it it was blood pouring down from the wounds left because of the betrayal, at that moment a guy fell down beside me tried to help him but he looked up at me with blank eyes and said: My heart didn't die and he passed away.

I left him on the ground and was confused another guy came beside me he had a whole in his chest but he was walking tall and with grace, he looked at me and said what a shame tried to tell him a million times but he wouldn't lsn to me, i asked him can u explain more, he said: this guy loved and got betrayed by his love, his wounds were deep but his heart never stopped loving so he kept pumping till the last drop and as u see was his fate.

Tthen he turned to me and said so will be urs, i told him no this will not be my fate, he told me what to do to change it, i said to him: this, and i reached into one of the biggest wounds took my heart out, it wasn't easy i had to go to hell and back a million times of the pain i endured, but at last i did it, the guy was looking at me all the time and when i took my heart out i stepped on it till it stopped beating, he looked at me and said now u'll walk heartless with no feelings, i said yes but my fate has changed now pain can no longer kill me i live in it, i devour it, he told me true so true and he walked away.

i killed my heart and stepped on it took me 2 months but i did it 2 months of pain, of agony, of the feeling of betrayal, of drinking to forget or to think more in my case, to try to find the answer why? why was i betrayed? and all efforts in vain after those two months my friends came to me and sat with me and with my family those where voices i heard that i was more powerful than this feeling of pain, i thought that night and decided no more feelings, no more heart, i used the pain i felt to give me power and i did it.

To Be Continued in Vol. 4


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