Can love fade away?
Can love fade away?
Can we forget a loved one?

hummm questions questions, well i don't know the answer to these questions but can get busy to forget momentarily about love or our loved ones which gives us the illusion that we don't love anymore but i think as soon as we sit alone and start looking back we remember the feelings and the emotions and the sweetness.

love is so powerful maybe sometimes we drift away from the path of love but from my experience in life is that u'll always remember and start having these feelings of longing.

some people use methods to forget like trying not to stay alone to think, or seeing as much people as they can, but stays in the back a shine of old love and memories that still glows.

When do we really forget love?

this i can answer, love is forgotten when you can remove everything that has any relation to that person that u used to be with, such as his/her pictures (in ur wallet, over the bed, on the phone, ...) secondly throw away everything that he/she brought to u or give it back, well those are the two main indications of forgetting.

Can all people forget love?

no, not all people can forget love, some keep on loving but not wanting to show or be with the person they love (for any reason), some keep trying to get back no matter how much time pass and no matter the times he/she gets hurt, some people hide their feelings and keep them locked inside (BIKABRO), everybody have a different way.

How do people love but not be with each other and how can they stand that or achieve not letting someone else be with them?

well this is easy people tend to chose to know people with which its impossible to have a relationship by that they stay single and not show their true feelings, and the other purpose is to try and forget their love.

the first part of the question i truly don't know the answer to, for me if u love someone be with him/her coz life doesn't often give chances for love to exist so u have to seize the chance with all ur might and never let go coz life might be there and see what u have done and then it might chose not to give u another chance and let u learn ur mistake eventually a second chance will be given so that life could see if u learned ur lesson or not :)

plzz if u have any answers to this subject or the questions share it :)


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