Betrayal We All Been Through It

Back stabbing another word for betrayal, well i gathered a lot about this subject and been through it many times, the disrespect of trust, like a knife going through your back slowly and painfully.

Betrayal is not only done by a lover but also by friends the two differs from one another but still the same in concept, it includes lying, and dishonesty, for some reason its the human nature to lie, but betrayal is not just lying but also causing pain to another person.

To be betrayed by love means to be cheated upon or lied to in many ways, like going out with another guy behind your back or having two BFs/GFs at the same time, and a lot more, the funny thing these days is that people are finding reasons to legit the act of betraying, many reasons I've heard such as "ohh got bored wanted to play around a bit no harm is done" or "I was under so much stress and i needed a change" these are only examples, and people are finding it normal to betray because of such reasons, well its still betraying if i gave water another name do i change the fact that its water.

The funny thing though is that when u ask why? which normally has no answer and the most common answer is "I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to get hurt" totally sarcastic in its nature as an answer, don't people learn that lying is like walking on thin thread and eventually you'll fall and the truth will be revealed.

Betrayal of friends thats the new trend, when a friends betray your trust and confidence in him, by revealing a secret you entrusted him with, the same non logical most disgusting answers you are given "I didn't wanna hurt you" don't you know that finding out a lie hurts more than knowing the truth.

well I've been betrayed many times in the course of my life, that I don't feel the knife going through my back anymore, i just notice that the number of knifes is increasing, I experienced both kinds of betrayal, yet i choose to still see the good in people, and still trust people, because without trust and without seeing the good we'll live alone in this world, with no true friends.


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