Night time, the reminder of agony

why is that? what happened? what went wrong? how did i end like this? when did i lose it? why am i lonely?

all these questions are asked during the night when you go to bed, in that hour before you drift to the world of dreams (or nightmares), or sometimes when because if this hour you stay awake all night.

yeah the unanswered questions that haunts each one of us at a given point in our life. why? because of a lost love, a demolished dream, a broken spirit, killing loneliness, and a lot more reasons. what makes this nightly hour bearable for each one of us is one thing only "HOPE", the hope that there is still a chance to build the dream again, to retrieve the lost love, to mend the broken spirit, and kill the loneliness instead of it killing you.

well these nights will kill anyone that has lost hope, the desire to seek that light that will defy the darkness that closed upon him and his life. Its the only thing that makes people continue moving on, but if this motivator this power to go forward is not there, then people will start dying like a rose without water a little by little everyday till they become dead inside but still breathing with a blank look in their eyes.

whats your opinion? would be glad to hear it :)


Dandoosh said…
The Darkest Hours are just before Dawn
You have Enough LIGHT in you... to push you forward… for the best

Always believe that what’s coming is Brighter…
A life full of Happiness Inshala

Gadha abo el shabab
Dandoosh said…
DINA says...

My Friend Elie I dedicate “No Women No Cry" for 3ammak Bob Marley to you,
Don’t worry dood everything is gonna be alright :)

Abu Gaby said…
hahaha nice one dina and thanks for u and dana


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