Happiness What does it mean?

well i was thinking about this just now and i realized that happiness means having something different for each of us.

For me happiness was always and will always be achieving stability in life, like knowing what u want and working toward it till u achieve it, like knowing who u want to be with and try to work it out till it does, till u sit in the warmth of ur other half's lap and know that u and ur other half are happy just because ur with each other.

happiness comes as when sunlight shines on ur body and give it warmth in a cold day that rush of warmth, other people find their happiness in the dream car they want to have, in the dream work they wanna be in, in having a nice body, in having a lot of friends.

and its always growing when ur happy with one thing and satisfied u'll look ahead to gain more happiness, some people like to see their kids grow and be beside them at every step thats a kind of happiness, we all achieve happiness one step at a time, till u r satisfied and say this is what i want.

for each one of us happiness means a different thing, what does it mean for u?


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