Confusion Inside Me

Well we are all confused at some point in our life, like the moment I'm in right now.
I don't understand what do people want from me I'm giving all i have but still its not enough, I'm lost, frustrated, and sometimes like now i feel like I'm going to get down with a heart attack or something.

i don't know the reason we get into this state although i know why I'm in this state, I'm in this state because my heart is telling me something and my brain is telling me another, well i think this is the main reason of confusion, a contradiction of interests between the heart of one person and the brain of the same person.

like when your in love, your heart tells you to give and expect no return, because its the heart controlled by emotions no logic, but your brain tells you after you give what are u getting? the brain is modest when it comes to dealing with the heart issues so the brain tells the heart its ok all i want to see is that, your sacrifices and givings are returned with the same love and I'll be quite.

here comes the problem is when the brain sees the heart is still giving and nothing in return is given back not even a word of love, so your brain starts fighting your heart to stop giving but the heart doesn't want to stop because he is full of love.

well this is my confusion story tell me yours? and if you can advice me a solution I'll be more than glad.


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