When Life takes away

i know life gave me a lot then it took away a lot from me also each time things are taken away from me when they r starting to taste right and feel right and u get used to them well c'est la vie :)

The problem is that when u try to defy life and win the battle u find that life has still a new trick huh depressing but what makes it bearable is that life gives u a lot too even if takes it away after a while u still enjoyed it and lived it to the fullest no one can say thats a bad thing, yet as it is with letting go its hard to let go of the things life comes to you to claim back again and u start hating life.

well for me life gave me a lot of stuff and then took it away but when i sit down in despair hatting everything about life i remember the things life took away and i smile because some things life take away from me to make me realize the value of them, then life tests me to see if i leaned the lesson, if i did life gives me back what it took or something better as a reward (in case of people sometimes the same but in different way)

other times when life takes things with no return i still smile because i know that i was happy having those things and happiness never fades away and maybe the reason in which made them go away by itself satisfactory when u sacrifice or donate ....

what did life take from you? and how do u feel because of it? do u think life is going to give it back to u? or do u think life is going to give u something better?

plz write ur opinion :)


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